We started out life in 2011, and our turnover currently exceeds $2 million. We provide our services to over 150 companies in over a dozen countries.

Culture and






The Be-Up Outlook


Be-Up has an open, positive and innovative outlook.  We believe that all companies and organizations can adopt this kind of outlook- and that we can help them in the process.

The Be-Up Mission


We help organizations to achieve excellence and to be more competitive through innovation, and the management and development of leadership, talent and positive change.

The Be-Up Team


We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to help them attain their goals. Our services are based on a potent mix of experience, passion for what we do, a proven methodology, state-of-the-art technology and research into best business practices.














In Spain, over the last three years we have trained around 6,000 middle and senior managers in leadership skills. We have also worked in over a dozen countries in Latin America.

In Vodafone, we have contributed to a increase  the Manager Index, year after year,  through leadership development programs for 600 members of staff.

In the Santander Group, our Mentoring in Risks program has led to an improvement of 360% in the risk-rating skills of over 1,000 employees.

We have worked on the blueprint for the company culture in corporations such as Cetelem (BNP Paribas), Sanofi, Amadeus and Havas Media in many different countries- Argentina, Portugal, Colombia, Chile and Brazil.

As a result of our workshops, ManPower has seen a rise of 11% in its levels of leadership and development.







Our History

We are different because…



We are driven by a passion for excellence, for tangible results, and for the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We measure the impact of everything we do.

We keep up-to-date with the latest international trends and academic research which can be applied in our work.

We love challenges. We always look for the most efficient and effective way to achieve the desired results.


We strive to work in favour of competition with a human face in companies and for each person to realize his or her full potential.


We re-invest all of our profits, except for 10% which we donate to different charities.



Leadership: We train leaders.

We promote excellence and better results through a change in individual and team habits.





Culture and change:

We identify the change needed in an organization’s prevailing culture, and we work with them to bring it about.





We help to put innovation at the forefront of everyone’s mind in the company.






We assist in developing the skills, commitment and performance of promising young members of staff and of female employees.







We help to build bonds between mentors and mentees to improve the relationship and the results of the mentoring process.






Online diagnostic

 tools to evaluate

skills and talents




Applied research





Gaming platform







Be-Up at a glance

Our services


We have developed the approaches detailed below, which we apply in our programs.

#Change in individual or organization-wide habits to foster talent and leadership development.


#Diagnostic tools to evaluate leadership and organizational skills.


#Neuroleadership, for greater effectiveness in development programs.


#Management of strengths, the basis of positive change.


#Management of the emotions, to reduce the impact of fear in processes of personal or organizational change.


#Advanced learning, by means of technological platforms, coaching and individualized programs.


Different approaches


Our Birthday

The #BeUpTeam

Our Clients

Our Dreams

In the midst of the financial crisis, a group of friends got together with one purpose in mind: to help companies on the road to positive transformation. And that was how the Be-Up story began...

Now, on our third anniversary, there are 20 of us at #BeupTeam who can blow out the candles on the cake in our loft offices in Madrid. What’s more, we’ve opened up a second office in Buenos Aires.

We work with over 150 companies across many countries, and our annual turnover comes in at over $2 million.

We are also about to launch an online platform for countries in North and South America.


After many years of working with different people and organisations, at Be-Up we have come to the conclusion that success or failure is, at heart, determined by people’s attitude when faced with challenges.


We place our expertise in the hands of companies or managers who share this core belief, working closely with them to transform their organisations into centres of excellence.


Our mission is to foster the right attitudes through an innovation-oriented approach and the proprietary tools that we have developed.


Pilar Jericó

Marta Romo

Juan Carrión

Plaza Carlos Trias Bertrán , 7

1ª Planta / 28020 / Madrid Spain

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Plaza Carlos Trias Bertrán , 7

1ª Planta / 28020 , Madrid , Spain

+34 91 0001268


Be-Up Team